Fundamentals of C/C++ Programming

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Become a pro in C/C++ basics. Basically a pro. Learn the basics with excellent Animated Explanations. Play with Interactive modules to learn intuitively. Get to see how a program is executed inside the computer with Under the Hood explorer. Grasp the working of Computer Networking with a dedicated Interactive Module. Travel through Memory Address Bus to understand its working and so on. Pick up Object Oriented Programming in C++ without saying OOPs! ;)


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Fundamentals of C/C++ Programming

Cognifront teaching tool software is Excellent piece of work. We have seen Computer Science subjects Data Structures & Algorithms and also Fundamentals of Programming Languages. Please development for other subjects also.


- Dr. Narendra Telrandhe

Principal, Ashoka Center for Business & Computer Studies, Nashik, Maharashtra, Bharat

I am very much pleased to inform you that we, at MET- Institute of Engineering regularly using teaching tool developed by Cognifront since last four years. Specifically I personally find the Data Structure e- Learning material very useful to my students and using this tool since last 3 years. I suggest to upgrade the the contents of this subject as per new syllabus. In fact, I recommend all teachers of this subject to go through this e Learning resource and pass on the benefits to the students. Congratulations for such a nice development in the benefit of students.


- Dr. M.U.Kharat

Professor and Head, Comp. Engg. Dept., METs Institute of Engineering, Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik, Maharashtra, Bharat

Respected sir, Cognifront Data Structures and Algorithms Software is simply outstanding. It can not replace the teacher but will support teacher to educate the students at highest level of blooms taxonomy. It's graphical representation and indian well professional voice helps students to understand the Concept. I am happy with Cognifront products not only Data Structures but also all the available for first year. I suggest you to please develop such fabulous product for the core subject if computer n it Database Management system, Operating system, Computer Network....which are common to Diploma, Degree, BCS, MCS, ME, any university of India or outside related to computer science, Information Technology and Electronic streams. I can state here that my feedback from students is increased by 15% by this product. And Feedback of Students from teachers side is increased by 50% . So please keep it up.


- Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi

Dean Academic, Vice Principal, SNJB College of Engineering, Maharashtra, Chandwad