They say the leaders are readers

They say the leaders are readers

Cognifront offers you the wisdom of so many decades in crisp and enjoyable to read books.


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This book has been specially written to help institutions to maintain quality in all aspects to facilitate NBA accreditation and to keep the system dynamic by collecting feedback regularly to bridge the bottlenecks for effective functioning by conducting 360 degree Action Research.

This book will definitely help to refine institutions and function better than ever!

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Table of Contents
  1. Fundamentals of Research
  2. Action Research
  3. System’s Approach for ‘Action Research’
  4. Preparing Research Proposal
  5. Sampling Techniques
  6. Research Tools for Carrying out Action Research
  7. Design of Tools for Action Research
  8. Data Analysis Techniques
  9. Planning Considerations
  10. Glossary of terms used
  11. Bibliography

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Post Covid-19 scenario is likely to pose number of challenges related to employment, teaching-learning processes and competency profile of engineering and other graduates as well as diploma holders seeking employment.

Thus, Post Covid-19 may not afford to provide employment unless the output from the educational sector possesses necessary hard and soft skills coupled with business development competencies. It is in this context that this book titled ‘Succeeding in Interviews’ has been written.

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Academic Preparation During Studies
  3. Career And Employment Opportunities
  4. Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses
  5. Communication Skills & Professional Traits
  6. Writing Bio-data Or Resume Or Curriculum Vitae
  7. Shortlisting Candidates for Interviews
  8. Facing Final Interview
  9. Time and Stress Management
  10. Success Mantras
  11. References

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Industry, the world over, is under tremendous evolutionary pressure. Industrial structure is constantly changing driven by: preponderance of information products and IT embedded products; transformative innovations in production processes; major shifts in the very nature of skill requirements apart from skills in new knowledge domains; to name some.

The author of this book, Dr. Mittal, mentions very rightly in this book that post COVID-19 social-distancing will require engineering colleges/polytechnics to take initiatives to build symbiotic relationship. He also rightly says that parents, students and teachers should change their mind set to achieve degree only to develop competencies for wage employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Prof. Vijay Kalwe
Teacher of Vocational Courses MCVC, Government Technical Highschool, Maharashtra, Washim
Solves Teaching Challenges

I am a teacher in Government Technical HIghschool. I faced many challenges while teaching Engineering Graphics. Students don't understand what we explain. Your software is Best for this. Especially in this Corova lock down I want to use it for my content and lectures.

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Industrial/economic scenario is changing due to global challenges. Now the country needs those type of engineers who are knowledgeable; who are flexible to use new materials, technologies and systems; who are able to think and solve open-ended problems; innovate something new as per needs of the country and possess entrepreneurial qualities to grow the business nationally and internationally.

After having worked in the system for more than five decades, the author of this book, Professor L.N. Mittal, who himself is a Civil Engineer, widely travelled in India and abroad and teacher of repute has written this book to impress upon engineering students the need of putting in hard work during their course of studies to equip themselves with appropriate hard and soft skills for achieving desired competencies. This book has twelve chapters.

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Narendra Singh
Researcher, Shivaji University, Maharashtra, Kolhapur
Excellent Job

Believe me you all at Cognifront are doing very good job

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Every Director of Institution, Principal, and Head of Department will find this booklet very useful. It will help them transform quality of education in their institution. Dr.L.N. Mittal provides robust step-by-step, no-confusion directions to achieve the desired result. 8 Chapters and 36 pages, make this booklet a super 2 hours compact reading. You can benefit immensely from this book that we are publishing on no-profit-no-loss basis.

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Bharti Sharma
Student, JKSSB, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Short yet Effective!

Thanks to provide very short and effective video one can be learn with in short period of thank you so much!

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Powerful collection of 22 chapters from Chartered Engineer and 51 years veteran in Teachers Training. Dr.L.N. Mittal shares his tremendous experience in easy to implement steps for all teachers. Eevery teacher can benefit immensely from this book that we are publishing on no-profit-no-loss basis.

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Aditi Sonawane
Student of FE, KKWIEER, Maharashtra, Bharat (India)
Useful Product for Students

Cognifront, Thank you for making such useful products. I purchased Basic Electrical Engineering. Your products are recommeneded by my education counsellor and mentor. That means the products are respectable in education fraternity.

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Translate Mathematics into Software Code

Explained from ground up - how to develop mathamatical software. How to translate complicated mathematical concepts into workable software code. Author shares his 2 decades experience of developing world class software. Readers will be able to develop a fairly complicated code after reading this book. Book discusses this very concept of translation of maths into code using advanced example of fluid flow simulation. A must read for every engineering professor and student alike. Even working professional will find this booklet very useful.

animation of fluid flow

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Nikhil Shimpi
T.E. Student, R.C. Patel College of Engineering, Maharashtra, Dhule
Enjoyed Internship

We really enjoyed our internship at Cognifront. We learned a lot during these 15 days. Web Technologies was an amazing course @ Cognifront.


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