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Problem #1 : High Failures in Engineering & Polytechnic Exams

Across all universities, without any exception, at least 1 subject failure (ATKT - allowed to keep term) accounts for 75% students in first year of engineering. This is a very high number that has direct impact on students morale and is responsible for high number of suicides including 54 suicides across all IITs in past 5 years. This is alarming!

What are we doing about it?

Solution : Inspire students, make lectures refreshing

Don't let students sit dumb & expression-less in your classrooms. Inspire them. Ask them to revise before and after your lectures. This will open their minds. With open minds, they will attend your lectures with full spirit. You will also enjoy and they will of course! Install teaching aid software on your laboratories and give access to your students.

Make Your Classroom Refreshing

Problem #2 : Distracted Students in Classroom

Social media and smart phones have distracted students. Communication with young students has a huge gap not only with teachers but also with their parents. In the classroom this becomes an obstacle to achieve good results.

What are we doing about it?

Solution : Grab students' attention & capture their imagination!

Instead of a routine traditional lecture, mix a bit of technology in your lectures. Young students have been watching animation movies, so why not show them just that?!

Grab Your Students Attention

Problem #3 : Unemployability of almost 87% Engineering Graduates

Because the basics are not clear from the first year, the engineering graduates simply don't get placed. Not because there are no jobs, but because they are not skilled enough to fill that job. This is a darn situation. Leading to unemployment, crimes, social disorder and overall unhealthy country.

What are we doing about it?

Solution : Strengthen students' basics & make them problem solvers

Instead of a routine traditional lecture, mix a bit of technology in your lectures. Young students have been watching animation movies, so why not show them just that?!

Make Your Students Employable

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client 2 Gaurav Rawat IIT Delhi

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client 3 Sandeep Kaushik Kurukshetra University

Cognifront is offering commendable service for the cause of technical education. If it works with same passion, may emerge as one of the value added product development and service company.

client 1 Dr.Abdulrazak Honnutagi Director, Anjuman-i-Islam (Ph.D. IIT Bombay)

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

We proudly present to you some of our most eminent and prestigious clients who share with us our vision to reform Engineering education.

We are awesome. But don't take our word for it. Hear it from our clients.

Get More Admissions, Save Time, Score More

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service 1

Colleges & Universities

Install our software on your laboratory computers in LAN to help students revise before and after lectures. Get more admissions

service 2


Use our software to save 30% time & efforts, automatically repeat concepts in classroom and inspire your students. Become popular

service 3


Score 20% more in examinations, master complex concepts through 3D animations, learn on the go on your phones & tablets. Be Cool

Explore Products Benefits

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  • project 17

    Civil Engineering for Teachers

    Bring your lectures to life!

  • project 1

    Engineering Graphics for Teachers

    Save 30% Time & Efforts

  • project 2

    Engineering Mechanics for Teachers

    Inspire your classroom and be popular

  • project 3

    Engineering Mathematics for Teachers

    Improve your NAAC/NBA Grade

  • project 4

    Basic Electrical Engineering for Teachers

    Reduce your load of repetition

  • project 5

    Mechanical Engineering for Teachers

    Ease your life, Enjoy with family

  • project 6

    Data Structures & Algo for Teachers

    Stay Fresh & Productive

  • project 7

    Fundamental Programming for Teachers

    Be more efficient with our tools

  • project 8

    Electronics Engineering for Teachers

    Teachers must have professional tools

  • project 18

    Civil Engineering for Students

    Easily remember advanced concepts

  • project 9

    Engineering Graphics for Students

    Score 20% more in exams

  • project 10

    Engineering Mechanics for Students

    Be rockstar of your class

  • project 11

    Engineering Mathematics for Students

    Never fear maths ... again

  • project 12

    Electrical Engineering for Students

    Use latest technology for learning

  • project 13

    Mechanical Engineering for Students

    Enjoy 3D animations and become popular

  • project 14

    Data Structures & Algo for Students

    Become cool in your friends group

  • project 15

    C/C++ Programming for Students

    Chase your dreams of mastering coding

  • project 16

    Electronics Engineering for Students

    Uncover mysteries of electronics & dazzle


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