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Prof. Joy Mathews
Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, Kerala, Palakkad
Nicely Produced Content

I know Cognifront. I have been using your products for past 3-4 years. Your products are very well produced.

  Certificate Courses for You

Mobile App Development Course

Technology is growing at an unprecedented pace and devices like smart phones to cars are taking over many of our daily tasks. And coding is becoming the 21st century skill for many professions. So people with good coding skills are required to control and program various devices. This course gives you fastest route to build mobile apps using App Inventor.

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Diploma in Fullstack Data Science

Data has become the Fuel for driving exponential growth of businesses and industries. Company Giants including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Airbnb, PayPal, GE, Uber, Yahoo, Tesla, Intel are using Data Science heavily. Large number of career opportunities will be in data science. Six months diploma focuses on creating top-notch professionals.

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Python Programming Course

Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language. It has simple easy-to-use syntax. Thus, it is the perfect language for people who want to learn computer programming for the first time. Hundreds of students who have completed Cognifront's courses have been selected by Indian as well as Multinational companies. It's now your turn.

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Deep Learning Course

Giving complicated tasks to machines require making machines think like humans do. Deep learning stands for that. Learn powerful algorithms and implement hands-on assignments. You will lead through effective capstone project. Very fulfilling experience of 1 month.

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Machine Learning and AI Course

Computers can also learn. They can be made to learn from data, make sense out of data. Many real world challenges can be addressed using computers to analyze data about them. Statistical algorithms and hands-on assignments using Python. A big value addition is practical capstone project. Experience 1 month of adventure.

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Fullstack Web Development Course

Frontiers of eCommerce, social media, and and modern day business innovations are all possible only because of one thing - The Web. Developing web applications is an essential aspect of every business and engineering function now. With this 2 months journey into the trenches, you will emerge as a highly polished web developer.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Internships

Ultimate goal of any technology is to make human lives enjoyable. Whether it is self-driving cars, or automated homes, the Internet of Things (IoT) serves this purpose very well. Learn how to develop such practical IoT applications through this 1 month delight.

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  Downloads for You (FREE)

  Industrial Training for Faculty  Research Paper

Teaching faculty at colleges must undergo industrial training. It is tremendously beneficial for the entire ecosystem. Technically strong teachers can inspire the entire generation of engineering students, and thereby contributing to progress of the Nation. AICTE has manadated at least 2 weeks of industrial training for faculty. Here is a note on how to execute such training effectly, how plan a typical 2 weeks training, and benefits.

  Action Plan for Engineering Colleges to Manage Post Covid-19 Situation  Plan Blueprint

A downright practical and robust action plan for engineering colleges to address post covid-19 challenges. Anyone practicing these will reap tremendous benefits and can put to work decades of experience through the author's knowledge

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  How to cope up with post Covid-19 educational challenges?  Advisory Report

Post Covid-19 scenario will pose a number of serious challenges related to employment, relevance of curriculum, intake in different courses, type of faculty, teaching-learning process, competency profile of engineering graduates/ diploma holders seeking employment, etc., while the industry is struggling for survival and is in search of technical manpower that is able to implement the technology and provide a boost to the economy in the light of national and international challenges.

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Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
Principal, Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC), Maharashtra, Bharat (India)
Fully Convinced

I am convinced and appreciate Cognifront's efforts for developing teaching and learning tools. These tools are very helpful not only for students, but for faculty also.


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