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One should, perform karma with nonchalance (without expecting the benefits) because sooner of later one shall definitely get its fruits.
— Rugved (One of four Great Vedas)
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Fluid Flows Visualization (Windows only)

Graphical demonstrations of various fluid flows - laminar, vortex, sink, line source. These are interactive simulations that solve differential equations. Developed for inspiring students and teachers to translate mathematical concepts into software code so that they can visualize for themselves. Unzip after download and run a file named "setup-cognifront-ffsim.exe" so that you can see all fluid flows.


Industrial Training for Faculty

It has been experienced that teaching-learning process in majority of engineering colleges/polytechnics is highly theoretical/ bookish. This is mainly due to the fact that most the faculty in these institutions do not have much of industrial/field experience. Realizing this, 7th Central Pay Commission recommended a Mandatory Industrial Training for the faculty of all engineering colleges/polytechnics, particularly new inductees to bridge this gap.


Voice of Teachers

We went all across the country to ask a few critical questions to teachers. Every teacher expressed their heart and how they feel we can improve quality of engineering education. Here is a glimpse of what we learned from all teachers. Very useful insight and field view of our education system.


Post Covid Action Plan for Engineering Colleges

With so many challenges to be faced after covid, engineering colleges must have a definite action plan. Here is such a robust plan with concise set of actions that when implemented will ensure quality of education and standard of any engineering college or university. It's easy to grasp as well as a powerful tool for all stakeholders to be on the same page.


Part I : Coping up with Post Covid Educational Challenges

While it had one of the biggest impacts on education systems around the world, we must be prepared to cope up with variety of challenges it presented to us. Part I of the article discusses specific challenges and their precise solutions.


Part II : Coping up with Post Covid Educational Challenges

Continuation to list of challenges and particular solutions, this Part II identifies specific actions that have been collected through brainstorming with teachers across the nation. Contains very useful insight into handling unforeseen situations.