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Fluid Flow Simulation
Booklet + DVD

Learn top-notch simulation programming techniques. Master art of translating mathematics & science into software code.

available in 2 options (a) digital download Or (b) physical package shipped by post

Booklet perspective
Laminar Flow Animation

Laminar Poiseville Flow

Stead Flow Around Cylinder

Steady Flow around Cylinder

Vortex Flow Around Cylinder

Vortex Flow around Cylinder

Learning how to translate Mathematics & Science into Software code is an essential skill for every technical education teacher as well as student. Cognifront Publishers bring to you a great booklet on Fluid Flow Simulation. It dives deep into mathematical model of fluid flow. We explore 3 case studies (a) Laminar flow, (b) Steady flow around cylinder, and (c) Vortex flow around cylinder.

Every case starts with its respective theoretical model and mathematical discussion. Then how to translate those mathematical entities into software code. C++ has been chosen to be programming language for implementation. It is object oriented programming language, so design becomes elegant. Software architecture also becomes more polished as compared to procedural programming language.


  • Learn to translate Mathematics & Science into Software code
  • Master scientific software development techniques
  • Learn top-notch software architecture design
  • Inspire your students to develop great software
  • Instil scientific thinking in your students' minds
  • Use as case study in your classroom

CONTENTS OF PACKAGE (Available in 2 options - Print & Digital Download)

  • Booklet (Print or PDF Download) with detailed explanation of -
    • Differential equations and mathematical models of various fluid flows
    • Programming techniques to translate these mathematical models into C++ code
    • You can easily port this C++ code into Java or any programming language of your choice
    • C++ classes, functions, and explanation of every line of code
    • Software Architecture discussion for high performance graphics
  • DVD (or ZIP Download) containing -
    • 2000 Lines of Complete C++ Source Code
    • Interactive executable software to interact with simulation fields

Full C++ source code of ~2000 lines is provided with the booklet. You also get a compiled executable software for fluid flow simulation. You can run this software to interact with different simulation types. Some screenshots are below.

Fluid flow software screenshot

Compute velocity field

Fluid flow software screenshot

Change Simulation Setup

Fluid flow software screenshot

Play / Pause feature for simulation

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