Industrial/economic scenario is changing due to global challenges. Now the country needs those type of engineers who are knowledgeable; who are flexible to use new materials, technologies and systems; who are able to think and solve open-ended problems; innovate something new as per needs of the country and possess entrepreneurial qualities to grow the business nationally and internationally.

book launch at aicte

Launch of Grooming Engineers Book at AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). Seen in the middle AICTE Chairman Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe with author Dr. L.N. Mittal and other dignitaries.

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book launch at aicte

AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) Chairman Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe with author Dr. L.N. Mittal launching book nationwide for students community.

Let's Democratize Technical Education

Let's Democratize Technical Education

Teachers build nation! Every technical teacher shapes the future of a nation. He or she drives the next generation of professionals, entrepreneurs, and teachers to create a better world. A world full of opportunities for everyone. A world where technical advances touch billions of lives. A world that takes the human race forward!

Hence at Cognifront, we have always believed in empowering the teachers community. Giving them all the necessary tools and resources to become great teachers and effective teachers. Making high technology available to them. Within reach of every teacher - regardless of their gender, race, religion, and nationality. And where there are no teachers available to dissiminate technical knowledge, Cognifront products come to the rescue of local administration. We have helped so many local institutions that lack the staff to achieve and maintain good quality of education.

In return, teachers from around the globe, also showered tons of love on us at Cognifront.

Your Teaching Tools

We conducted an experiment in a classroom where with permission of management we installed hidden cameras. In two distinct scenarios, we had the same subject being taught to the same set of students. And we used the set of eTeaching Tools & Animations. In one scenario teacher was present. And in another scenario the teacher left classroom and kept the eTeaching Tools & Animations playing so that students could learn.

To everyone's surprise we found that students simply lost interest in the same eTeaching Tools which kept their attention when the teachers used them! So teachers role in the classroom is central and critical. And using these tools make teachers even more powerful and effective; as they can spend more time in building bond with the students. It also eases their efforts when it comes to repetitions.

Chose the tools you need from the collection below.

Your Books Collection

Books are the most ancient way to capture human knowledge. They have served the human race more than any technology known to man. So when we decided to democratize technical education, we had no choice but to also publish books that contain tons of knowledge. We are blessed to have highly experienced authors to publish their wisdom with Cognifront.

Select the books you need from the collection below.

Ultimate Satisfaction

Ultimate Satisfaction

For all of us the real sense of fulfilment comes when we see our customers benefit from what we have given them. Tremendous satisfaction is seeing our customers derive more value than the price they have paid for products. And the ultimate nirvana is when they sing praise for you completely on their own. See what Cognifront customers have to say.

Good Software

Very good eLearning software by Cognifront

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