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How BOSCH achieved Major Quality improvement

The meaning of this German word BOSCH (originating in Catalan and Dutch) is forest. Headquartered in Germany and having 100 acre massive plant in Satpur Maharashtra among dozens of other locations, BOSCH has to ensure superior control on quality of processes followed all across. This plant has 1,500 associates working at BOSCH. BOSCH approached Cognifront to get their quality processes training developed. We delivered 1.5 hours (~100 minutes playback) audio visual training material in English. Their HQ in Germany liked it very much. We received praise from BOSCH.

Great job done within time


- Hemant Thanekar

Plant Quality Manager, BOSCH, Maharashtra, Nashik

Target user profiles -

  1. Senior Professionals - Vice Presidents, Directors and Head of Departments (English)
  2. Mid Level and Junior Engineers (English)
  3. Shop Floor Operators (Marathi - 80% demographic)

Then we were awarded a second project for developing a Marathi version of it for 14 quality principles. This training material has since been useful at all levels of associates. And hence local state language Marathi had to be incorporated; almost 80% staff comes from Marathi demographic. BOSCH already had very good static presentations and printed manuals for their quality related trainings. Cognifront team helped them convert these materials into audio-visual training modules. We followed a robust linear process for producing training modules. Repeated following process for both laguages - English and Marathi.

  1. Scripts preparation
  2. Technical review of scripts, corrections
  3. Draft narration
  4. Animation and synchronization with narration
  5. Technical review, corrections
  6. Background music selection
  7. Studio narration with professional artist
  8. Final audio-video production
  9. Creating captions (subtitles) for every video
  10. Merge subtitles in final videos with music and narration
  11. Create quiz questions (multiple choice) for each module

After successful delivery, BOSCH again awarded us a small project to create a Quiz for eLearning content so that they can measure how effectively their associates are learning from it. It involved writing code parallel to BOSCH's own internal LMS (learning management system). We coded web-based software that runs on their intranet using an internet browser. We developed it in Javascript as BOSCH internal security is stringent and did not allow installation of web servers. We provided a quiz in Marathi and English with text and pictures. A quality certificate is generated by our software if an associate scores more than 80% marks. We delivered in a 2 months time frame. As a complimentary service from our side, we created a Marathi quiz based on the English quiz provided by BOSCH for shop floor associates who do not understand English. Following methods of imparting training are used with content developed by Cognifront.

  1. Consumed in conference rooms during trainings
  2. Integrated in LMS of BOSCH, accessible on any computer on the network
  3. Displayed at large canteen facility with 500+ seating capacity
  4. Certificate program is attached with 80+ percent scoring criterion

Cognifront is grateful for multiple awards of projects in a row. And most importantly to see a major client happy with success brought by these projects.

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How CEAT uses IoT to Master Quality

Massive 800 tonnes of tyres per day is produced at CEAT's Nashik plant. The tyres require a specific temperature range during processing so that they come out durable, robust, and high quality. CEAT approached Cognifront to implement temperature and humidity monitoring system. Specific challenges were as follows -

  1. Wireless monitoring of temperature and humidity
  2. SMS based alert system if parameters exceed range
  3. Area of 10 acre to be covered for monitoring
  4. Visual display of all sensors in one place
  5. Lowest possible maintenance and no installation headache

While CEAT focused on winning the prestigious Deming Prize for quality across it's plants, improvisation of processes became the key element. So to achieve temperature and humidity monitoring across the plant and precisely at the desired point on manufacturing line, Cognifront developed a robust system. It has been so successful that CEAT awarded us with multiple plants.

  • Nashik plant in Maharashtra state
  • Halol plant in Gujarat state
  • Nagpur plant again in Maharashtra state

You have given us very good solution, that too at very attractive pricing. It is working as expected since 2.5 years.


- Dhananjay Waghmare

Shift Supervisor, CEAT Nashik Plant, Maharashtra, India

Details of our implemented solution -

  1. Sensor Unit
    • Wireless unit ESP32 (NodeMCU)
    • Temperature and humidity sensors attached to this unit
    • Water proof, dust proof, rust proof
    • These are multiple units. In one case we had 12 such units
    • Depending upon geographical area to be covered, quantity might change
  2. Repeater Unit
    • Wireless unit ESP32 (NodeMCU)
    • Used for extending the range
    • Water proof, dust proof, rust proof
    • Obstacles like walls, machinery, ground level are addressed
  3. WSN Software
    • Wireless Sensors Network custom-built software
    • Coordinates all sensros and repeaters
    • Attach any sensor node to any repeater node
    • Transmit process parameters from equipment to supervisor desk
  4. Server Unit
    • Wireless unit Raspberry Pi based
    • Collects data from all sensor nodes
    • GSM module interfaced for sensing SMS alerts
    • WiFi feature to connect to company network
  5. Software
    • Web based interface, so that can be accessed from any web browser
    • Responsive - works on mobile and desktop
    • Monitoring dashboard
    • Configuration of graphs
    • Alerts configuration

Very well tested on the field, across geographies, in all kind of environments, Cognifront's wireless sensors network solution is a powerful tool for you.

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