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Your students are distracted on their phones and with their friends. Most importantly distracted by their thoughts. Grab their attention.

Good teachers teach. Great teachers inspire!
— ancient vedic knowledge
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World Class Teaching Tools for You

You are as great as the tools you use. Tools increase your efficiency. Tools make you powerful. They save your time and reduce your efforts. Tools let you enjoy your life - most importantly with the people you love the most.

Engineering Graphics
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering
Basic Electronics Engineering
Fundamentals of C/C++ Programming
Data Structures & Algorithms
Basic Civil Engineering
Basic Mechanical Engineering

Leaders are Readers

Thought provoking, trend setting books for you - Making you a natural leader. Do read reviews for each book, mentioned on their details page. You will realize how valuable they can be for you.

Mitigating Deficiencies of Technical Education
Symbiotic Relationship : Academia Industry Interaction
Coding Mathematics : Fluid Flow Simulation
Grooming Engineers
Improving Engineering Education

DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits & Can be used as teaching tools

Exciting world of Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and electronics made super accessible to you. Create amazing and inspiring solutions to various real-life problems using wide variety of kits available from Cognifront.

Basic Arduino Kit
Standard Arduino Kit