Python Certificate Program

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Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language. It has simple easy-to-use syntax. Thus, it is the perfect language for people who want to learn computer programming for the first time. The popularity of Python language is increasing day by day. It is being used by professional working in wide range of technology domains like Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Computer Vision and so on.

This has resulted in high demand of Python skilled manpower. By the year 2025, according to Gartner Report 23,00,000 jobs will be created in Artificial Intelligence and allied technological sectors where Python programming skills is required.

Hundreds of students who have completed Cognifront’s courses have been selected by Indian as well as Multinational companies. It is now your time to become Python Smart and get Job Ready with Cognifront’s certification.


  1. Installation of Python Ecosystem
  2. Python Syntax and Comments
  3. Keywords & Identifiers
  4. Statements & Comments
  5. Python Constants & Variables
  6. Data Types and Conversion
  7. Operators in Python
  8. Python I/O and Import
  9. Conditional Statements
  10. Looping Constructs
  11. Defining and using Functions
  12. Python Strings
  13. Introduction to OOPs
  14. Python Lists
  15. Introduction to Tuples
  16. Dictionaries in Python
  17. Libraries in Python
  18. NumPy arrays
  19. Introduction to Pandas
  20. Series and Dataframe
  21. Reading CSV Files
  22. Writing CSV Files
  23. Capstone Project

Python Certificate Program

Thank you maam. These Python sessions were quite useful. I learnt some really important aspects of Python. And inspired me learn even more of of it


- Yash Mohanlal Kewalramani

Third Year Computer Engineering Student, Matoshri College of Engineering, Odha, Maharashtra, Bharat

Thankyou so much sir. this course has made me believe that  coding in Python is not that difficult as it seems to be. Thanks to the amazing teaching faculties at Cognifront who made it easy for us. Thankyou so much sir


- Miss Vaibhavi Aher

MSc Statistics Student, KTHM Science College, Nashik, Maharashtra, Bharat

It was great being a part of Cognifront. Have learned Python in 2nd year as well and yes I have learned also experienced a lot of new things, study. It was Great being in a team. And helping us with time management for learning also supporting whenever in need. Hats off team! Would love to join soon and learn new skills and meet you team personally once. :)


- Sakshi Mahind

Final Year Computer Engineering Student, Gokhale Education Society R.H. Sapat College of Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra, Bharat