Decision Making for Everybody

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Decision making is one of the most crucial skills in life, which can make you or break you. Taking the right decision at the right time is very important. But neither everybody knows how to do that, nor is there always someone who can help them. This book - "Decision Making for Everybody", focuses on the structure of decision making and the impact of the principles and practices of decision making at different levels in the world of work. It also elaborates the role of AI, ML and ChatGPT in decision making. It is a guide, a consultant and a good friend to help you out in making the right decision in fragile situations.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Decision Making
  2. Definition, History and the human brain in Decision Making
  3. Types, Factors and the process of Decision Making
  4. Criteria for Decision Making
  5. Individual and Group Decision Making
  6. Intuition and emotion in Decision Making
  7. Managerial Decision Making
  8. Emergency and Reactive Decision Making
  9. AI and Decision Making
  10. Some Questions and Answers in Decision Making
  11. Conclusion
  12. Appendices
  13. Units of measurements
  14. Selected Bibliography

Book's Foreword by
Professor (Dr.) L.N. Mittal, FIE
Professor Emeritus,Lingaya's University, Faridabad and Professor & Head Curriculum Development Centre, NITTTR, Chandigarh

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Decision Making for Everybody

An extremely well written book. Dr Ramani has packed pearls of wisdom into these pages. 'Decision Making' is a must read book.


- P. R. Parthasarathy

Director General of Police (Retd), Maharashtra,

This book is a comprehensive guide combining research and practical strategies to explain the key principles of decision making. A valuable support for anyone seeking to become a more confident and competent decision maker in both professional and personal landscapes.


- S.Ananthanarayanan

Chief Engineer, Indian Railways (Retd),

I have gone through the book "Decision making" for everybody. I would strongly recommend the book to those who are looking to widen their knowledge in the area of Decision Making. The book includes the required information for managers in organizations where their job roles demand to have been placed in a B-School but they have not got the chance to visit one.


- Mr.Vaithianathan

Thirumala transport, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Bharat

The book can be used by everyone, regardless of their occupation. The 3 Applied Research articles and an abundant amount of Bibliography included add to the growth of knowledge in this vital field.


- Dr. (Prof) U.V. Adinarayana Rao

Head of the Department of Operations, GITAM School of Business, Gitam Deemed to be University, Andhra Pradesh, Bharat

Dr. Ramani's book, "Decision Making for Everybody," explores the universal need for decision making in society. With a focus on organizations of all types, the book highlights the importance of decision making for survival and prosperity. It covers various aspects such as decision-making structures, types, and the role of psychology and bias. The author also discusses the integration of decision making with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning. The book includes three research articles and showcases the author's use of simulation to manage natural disasters. With its extensive bibliography, the book serves as a valuable resource for researchers and enthusiasts alike. Overall, "Decision Making for Everybody" emphasizes the universal nature of decision making and its impact on improving quality of life.


- B.S.P.Narayana

BE(Electrical Technology)(I.I.Sc,Bengaluru),M.Tech (Industrial Engineering)(I.I.T,Madras),PG DBM(Kakatiya 'Varsity), PG DPMIR(Kakatiya 'Varsity), M(IIIE) (Retired Additional General Manager(Industrial Engineering),The Singareni Collieris Company Ltd,Telangana State & (Post Retirement afterCorporate) -Visiting Professor in Educational Institutions,Vis, Bharat