Basic Mechanical Engineering

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The fascinating world of machines now made even more exciting. Explore and get the feel of various mechanical systems right on your device with Machines Explorer. Learn mechanisms easily with Mechanisms Explorer. 3D Theory animations make it easier for students to learn and teachers to teach. Animated solved examples and Step by Step solved examples help students for exams.


  1. Inspire your classroom.
  2. Boost visualization of learners.
  3. Capture attention of your distracted students.
  4. Reduce your efforts.
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Basic Mechanical Engineering

Cognifront product is nice.


- Prof.J.H.Pandit

Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government Engineering College Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Bharat

Your work on Engineering Graphics is excellent. We would like to have your ALL products for Mechanical Engineering in our college which in Top 10 colleges in Anna University.


- Prof. K. Rajakarthikeyan

Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department, Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Bharat

Hydroelectric Power Plant video and mechanical engineering videos are necessary for all students. I recommend for all.


- Prince Hareesh Metri

Student, Mysore, Karnataka

Cognifront software is useful for understanding and visualization of difficult concepts of Engineering Graphics,first year B.Tech - all branches students and Second year Mechanical Engineering students are also benefitted.


- Dr. Pravin Prabhu

Assistant Professor Department of Technology, Shivaji University, Maharashtra, Kolhapur

We have been using Cognifront eTeaching Tools in our classrooms and laboratories for past 4 years. These software are simply amazing. Very good. Very useful for students and even more useful for Teachers


- Dr. Rangnath Lolla

Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, KL University, Andhra Pradesh, Bharat