Internet of Things (IoT) Certificate Program

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The Internet has created a truly connected world. It has enabled humans to share data and information.

Now, time has come to connect living as well as non-living things to the Internet. ‘This integration of humans and things with the Internet is called IoT (Internet of Things).’ It is expected that about 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2023. In fact, the world is progressing through the 4th Industrial Revolution which is based on IoT. IoT coupled with Cloud Computing is enabling next generation systems and services that encompass several domains such as e-Governance, Health Care, Transportation, Waste Management, Food Supply Chains, Energy, Insurance etc.

Technology giants like Microsoft, CISCO, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, GE, Tesla, Google are vigorously working in the IoT field. This has resulted in high demand for IoT skilled manpower. Cognifront has designed a set of courses on IoT Technology for Engineering students.

It is now time to become IoT Smart and Job Ready by getting certified from Cognifront.


  1. Introduction to IOT and Its Applications
  2. Sensors and Actuators
  3. Architecture of ESP32 Microcontroller
  4. Using Arduino IDE and Serial Monitors
  5. Visual Indications using LEDs
  6. Audio Indications using Buzzer
  7. Light Intensity Sensor
  8. Temperature and Humidity Measurement using DHT11
  9. Distance Ranging using ultrasonic sensor
  10. Access control using RFID
  11. Acceleration Measurement
  12. Internet based Time Stamping
  13. Client Server Programming
  14. IOT using Cloud Computing
  15. Data Communication using WiFi
  16. Data Communication using Bluetooth
  17. Interaction with Smartphone
  18. Voice controlled Home Automation
  19. Capstone Project

Internet of Things (IoT) Certificate Program

Dear Suchit,  First of all thanks to Tiwari sir who encouraged me for IOT course and after 25 years I had done classes and its amazing experience to me and my team. All PPT slides and contains are very good and very useful for better understanding.  I am also impressed with  kits used for practical,  it's properly designed and easy to use.  I am also interested in advance course if you are planning to start.  Thanks and regards


- Rajesh Sheth

CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Cyberedge Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, Nashik

Dear Sir  Thank you so much. Feel rejuvenated with updates of latest developments in electronics and computer software i got from the IoT course.  Well the joy i got from the  course compelled me take fresh start in new development. The approach is very much enterprising.  May join advance courses if the modules of the course  are suitable for level  zero software person. Thanks  a lot and looking forward to strategic alliance in future.


- Pravin Sonambekar

CEO & Founder, Heramb Electronics, Maharashtra, Nashik

Actually previously I have attended IOT workshop of cognifront. I m happy with there teaching style...that workshop was very beneficial for me


- Akshada Shitole Deshmukh

Engineering Student, KKWIEER, Maharashtra, Bharat

Thank you so much for nice session on IoT. It was very well presented. Only thing I request is to share recorded session. For my remembrance and since it was well explained, it will help me in future also


- Hitesh Desai

Businessman, Former IT Manager, Self Employed, Gujarat, Ahmedabad