Fullstack Web Development Certificate Program

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Web development is the integral part of Internet Technology. In modern times, most of the companies and businesses are coming up On-line. For many companies, E-commerce has proved to be the effective model business model.

Now days, Web Development is also required in Internet of Things to visualize and present the massive amount of data through the Internet. Hence, the demand for skilled manpower in Web Development has increased significantly.

It is now time to become a Web Developer by getting certified from Cognifront.


  1. Front End Scripting
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap (Responsive Web App Development)
  6. Ajax
  7. jQuery
  8. XAMPP
  9. PHP
  10. JSON
  11. SQL
  12. Bitmap and Vector Graphics
  13. Web Audio and Video
  14. UI/UX Design
  15. Responsive Web Design
  16. Mobile First Design Concepts
  17. Website Planning, Analysis, Design
  18. Layouts
  19. Sitemap and Wireframe Creation
  20. Domains and Web Hosting
  21. Control Panel
  22. FTP
  23. MySQL Server & phpMyAdmin
  24. Web Development Life Cycle
  25. Design and Development of a Project
  26. Capstone Project

Fullstack Web Development Certificate Program

We really enjoyed our internship at Cognifront. We learned a lot during these 15 days. Web Technologies was an amazing course @ Cognifront.


- Nikhil Shimpi

T.E. Student, R.C. Patel College of Engineering, Dhule, Maharashtra, Bharat

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance throughout my internship. I enjoyed working with Cognifront a lot and learned many new things. I will be glad to volunteer for any work in future if my schedule permits. So if you have anything for me please let me know. Again thank you so much  for everything. I got placed in TCS and joining them from 17 June


- Nikita Apte

Software Developer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Nashik, Maharashtra, Bharat