• Chapter 01 Concept of A Technical University
  • Chapter 02 Indicators of Excellence of a Good Institute
  • Chapter 03 Expectations of Corporate World
  • Chapter 04 Competency Profile of Engineering Graduates
  • Chapter 05 Competency Profile of Engineering Teachers
  • Chapter 06 Increasing Absenteeism & Failure Rate in Engineering Colleges
  • Chapter 07 Guidelines for Revision of Curriculum
  • Chapter 08 Curriculum and Curriculum Evaluation
  • Chapter 09 Matrix of Teaching-Learning Process
  • Chapter 10 Making Instructional Process Effective
  • Chapter 11 Preparing for a Lecture Class
  • Chapter 12 Effective Use of Chalkboard
  • Chapter 13 Planning for Laboratory Experiences
  • Chapter 14 Networking with World of Work
  • Chapter 15 Selecting Appropriate Instructional Methods
  • Chapter 16 Importance of Project Work
  • Chapter 17 Student Evaluation
  • Chapter 18 Enhancing Employability Of Students
  • Chapter 19 Conceptual Framework for Promoting Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 20 Importance of Communication in Business
  • Chapter 21 Soft Skills for Professional Development
  • Chapter 22 Academic Planning
  • Miscellaneous
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Appendices
    • Appendix I:
      • 1(a): Faculty Performance Evaluation
      • 1(b): Students's Perception about the Institute
      • 1(c): Perception of students about Hostel
      • 1(d): Faculty Perception about the Institute
      • 1(e): Performance Evaluation of the faculty at the Institute level
      • 1(f): Perception Survey from the Parents
      • 1(g): Perception Survey from industry/industrial experts/visiting experts
      • 1(h): Performance Evaluation of faculty by HOD
    • Appendix II: Format for Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    • Appendix III: Format for How to Introduce Oneself
    • Appendix IV: Format for writing Bio-data for beginners
    • Appendix V: Time and Stress Management
    • Appendix VI: Proforma for writing important questions on a chapter
    • Appendix VII: Profile of students

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