Standard Arduino Kit

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Big projects, big stuff, big tools. This Standard Arduino Kit is the perfect IoT platform for your big Arduino project. Easy to use, full of features and fit for all academic purposes. Get it today!

Advanced sensors and actuators along with the Arduino Microcontroller board are included. List of core modules of this kit:

  1. Arduino Uno Board
  2. Led Bar
  3. Buttons
  4. Buzzer
  5. LDR
  6. Ultrasonic
  7. DHT11
  8. IR Proximity Sensor
  9. LCD
  10. RFID
  11. DC Motor
  12. Bluetooth
  13. RTC
  14. SD Card
  15. Servo Motor
  16. Stepper Motor
  17. Accelerometer
  18. GPS
  19. GSM/GPRS
  20. NodeMCU
  21. Arduino Data Cable
  22. NodeMCU Data Cable
  23. Interfacing Patch Cords
  24. Power Supply for GSM/GPRS

Standard Arduino Kit

Dear Suchit,  First of all thanks to Tiwari sir who encouraged me for IOT course and after 25 years I had done classes and its amazing experience to me and my team. All PPT slides and contains are very good and very useful for better understanding.  I am also impressed with  kits used for practical,  it's properly designed and easy to use.  I am also interested in advance course if you are planning to start.  Thanks and regards


- Rajesh Sheth

CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Cyberedge Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, Nashik

Dear Sir  Thank you so much. Feel rejuvenated with updates of latest developments in electronics and computer software i got from the IoT course.  Well the joy i got from the  course compelled me take fresh start in new development. The approach is very much enterprising.  May join advance courses if the modules of the course  are suitable for level  zero software person. Thanks  a lot and looking forward to strategic alliance in future.


- Pravin Sonambekar

CEO & Founder, Heramb Electronics, Maharashtra, Nashik