Improving Engineering Education

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As always there is a scope of improvement in everything around us. And current state of engineering education is no exception to it. Despite of many decades of investment of manpower, money, time, and efforts, there is still a lot of scope of improvement in engineering education. Many new and upcoming colleges strive hard to find good teaching staff. Adequate quantity and requisite quality of such skilled teaching staff may be unavailable in many places.

In order to transform engineering education, Dr.L.N.Mittal has written robust guidelines in the form of 30 page booklet. It is power packed booklet with ready-to-implement strategies for people in the positions of power. Directors, Principals, Heads of Departments, and Teachers alike will all find this booklet very useful. It contains field wisdom of 51 years condensed in 30 pages of enlightening discourse.

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Perceptions and Problems
  3. Vision for an Engineering College
  4. Roles and Responsibilities of Principal
  5. Initiatives to Revamp the System
  6. Improvements in Teaching Learning Processes
  7. Professional Grooming of Students
  8. Other Important Guidelines

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Improving Engineering Education

I bought the following books from Cognifront (1) Improving engineering education - some suggestions (2) Mitigating deficiencies of technical education. Happy and very proud see that there is somebody like you in India who thinks about the development of engineering education. You make a difference because you are an embodiment of knowledge and boldness. Many of your opinions are very straight and to the point. Meanwhile, I am attaching the handout of a practical approach to mitigate many of the points raised by you. I hope I will be able to meet you one day.


- Suresh Namboothiri

Founder CEO, Espoir Technologies Private Limited, Pune, Maharashtra, Bharat