Grooming Engineers

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A collection of gentle guidelines for students that will shape them into professionals of tomorrow. Dr. Mittal takes students through very practical steps that are time-tested through his vast experience. The book is a good read even for teachers in case they want to develop such a mindset as to effectively communicate to the students in order to create tomorrow's high quality generation.

Table of Contents

  1. Where Do Engineering Students Stand Today?
  2. Who is an Engineer?
  3. Role of Engineers in Sociao-economic Development
  4. Career/Employment Opportunities
  5. Expectations of The World of Work
  6. Importance of Lecture and Tutorial Classes
  7. Importance of Practical Classes
  8. Importance of Industrial Training
  9. Importance of Project Work
  10. Developing Soft Skills
  11. Entrepreneurship as a Career
  12. Enhancing Employability
  13. Glossary of Terms Used
  14. References

Book's Foreword by
Prof.(Dr.) Ashoka Chandra
Ph.D. Cornell University, FNAE, FNASC, Dist. Fellow IETE, FIE, FIASS
One of founding directors of AICTE
Former Special Secretary of Technical Education,
Former Educational Adviser,
Ministry of Human Resource Development,
Government of India

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Grooming Engineers

I liked this Book. I am working on teaching quality improvement, hence this book may be useful. The teachers need to take up their profession as their passion, instilling newness in day-to-day teaching making it interesting for students. More so, a huge knowledge base is available at present which they should make use of. Finally, engineering education needs to be more practical, promoting more meaningful and interactive path to building employable engineering graduates. A huge number of engineering graduates are un-employable they need more industry and corporate exposure. The course and teaching must be inclusive. I do knowledge sharing,Corporate grooming for students of engineering college.


- Prof. Bonani Dhar

Professor, IIST, Madhya Pradesh, Indore

Very good, quick immediate response from Cognifront support. I bought Grooming Engineers book and also atteneded Machine Learning Internship


- Prof. M. Nirmala

Associate Professor, Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore

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