Engineering Mathematics

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The most feared subject for students is now made fabulously easy. With excellent graphical demonstrations available for all theory concepts and plenty of solved examples that clarify every aspect, confusion for students is now history. Teachers also save their time and efforts of explaining difficult concepts. All formulae are provided in a dedicated section to help students learn quickly and easily. Now decrease students' failure rate drastically with this amazing tool.


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Engineering Mathematics

Cognifront CD includes good study material of various topics of Engineering Mathematics. Real life applications of various engineering mathematics concepts are excellent one. Animations and technical part is also good. I suggest you include small projects to make it more effective. I wish to buy for our college.


- Prof. J. M. Sonawane

Assistant Professor, GES R.H.Sapat College of Engineering and Management Studies, Maharashtra, Nashik

I have been using Cognifront Engineering Mathematics and Basic Electrical Engineering software. It is very useful for teachers as well as students in clearing basic concepts.


- Prof. Augustine Kuriokose

Lecturer, Government Polytechnic Pala, Kerala, Bharat