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Basic Civil Engineering eTeaching Tool

Do you want to make classroom teaching more interactive and effective? This module will serve as an assistant for professors, private tutors and institutions to teach various topics of Basic Civil Engineering in the most innovative and interesting way. The audio-video tutorials contain great visuals, animated solved examples, various individual and team projects. The most exciting aspect of the software is the Virtual 3D Lab that can be used to construct interactive contours, floor plans and leveling. The 3D visuals are sure to contribute in making the lectures, more teaching and learning friendly. Play the software in your class and observe the class performance soaring heights!

We have excellent software products for Teachers, Students, and Institutions

Immediately liked what I read in the Book

I ordered Book and upon receiving it, started reading immediately. After going through 3-4 pages of Chapter 6, I immediately liked it. And hence ordered 10 copies. Upon discussion with staff, more people became interested and then we ordered 15 total Books for our university

Fr Joseph Nellanatt
Vice Chancellor
Don Bosco University
Azra Guwahati Assam

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is concerned with the research, planning, design, construction, inspection, monitoring and maintenance.

Brilliant And Quite Helpful Products For Professors

Cognifront products are brilliant and quite helpful for professors as well as students.

Prof. Ketan Vaghosi
Professor in Department of Production Engineering
Government Engineering College Bhavnagar
Gujarat Bharat (India)

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is the integration of science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment, to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation and for other organisms, and to clean up pollution sites.

Global Appeal (Sweeden)

It is a bit more advanced than what I studied in high school, but I fully understand it! THANKS!!

A Student


Animated Solved Examples

Animated Solved Examples

This section contains animated solved examples with audio-visual content. You can play these modules to show how any given problem is solved step-by-step. The concepts become very clear. You can use these Audio\Visual modules to understand how to solve given problem. The audio-visual modules can be played\paused, seek backward\forward. These modules are very useful for clear understanding of problem solving process. Using this examples teacher can easily explain the solution to the problem. Here the solution is explained with the help of visuals and animations that provides a deep understanding to the students. The teacher can use these animated solved solutions for teaching; also can provide these problems to the students for practice.

Teachers Tool are Great

Almost all the explanation videos are very fine. Very easy to teach the students . Because I think that after the explanation the student can grasp all related to graphics . More softwares are expected.

Prof. Augustine Kuriakose
Government Polytechnic Pala
Kerala Bharat (India)

Virtual 3D Lab

Virtual 3D Lab

Virtual 3D Lab contains real time 3d Interactive tools which add high educational value for users. Here users can interact with 3d experiments as we do in real world.

Awesome Brand

3D Animation is awesome along with standard content. This brand will go a long way.

Saurabh Srivastava

Bharat (India)



Carolina State USA Southern Regional Education Board

Hydroelectric Power Plant video is Excellent. We would like to use it in our entry event for Project 5 in Course 2 (Clean Energy Applications) of the Clean Energy Technology curriculum for about 100-300 students per year. When first implemented, these courses would be taught in South Carolina’s Secondary Career and Technical Education Centers and comprehensive high schools. If other states adopt this curriculum after field-testing, etc. the numbers would increase proportionately.

Jim Berto
Research Associate
Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)
Carolina USA

Instruments In Civil Engineering

Instruments In Civil Engineering

This Section Explain use of Civil Engineering Instruments and Equipments

Excellent Piece of Work

Cognifront teaching tool software is Excellent piece of work. We have seen Computer Science subjects Data Structures & Algorithms and also Fundamentals of Programming Languages. Please development for other subjects also.

Dr. Narendra Telrandhe
Ashoka Center for Business & Computer Studies, Nashik
Maharashtra Bharat (India)

3D Stereo Visuals

3D Stereo Visuals

New feature developed by Cognifront. The first time ever in Engineering field there is 3D Stereos for learning. 3D Stereos are used in Entertainment media only but Cognifront come up with this 3D Stereo module for engineering education to make teaching and learning joyful.

Excellent real life Engineering Mathematics concepts

Cognifront CD includes good study material of various topics of Engineering Mathematics. Real life applications of various engineering mathematics concepts are excellent one. Animations and technical part is also good. I suggest you include small projects to make it more effective. I wish to buy for our college.

Prof. J. M. Sonawane
Assistant Professor
GES R.H.Sapat College of Engineering and Management Studies
Maharashtra Nashik

Self Exercises

Self Exercises

This section is prepared to involve students by challenging them to solve handfull of classic exercises. It is really a brain booster section.

Simply Amazing

We have been using Cognifront eTeaching Tools in our classrooms and laboratories for past 4 years. These software are simply amazing. Very good. Very useful for students and even more useful for Teachers

Dr. Rangnath Lolla
Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering
KL University
Andhra Pradesh Bharat (India)

Team Projects

Team Projects


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